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Setting the Phase Anchor ID

The phase anchor ID has several uses:

  1. Linking Interactive Map phase pop-up “Details” with the appropriate detour page phase
  2. Linking top level phase links (Phase 1, Phase 2, etc.) to the appropriate phase

When creating the ids, use the following pattern: “phase-” + phase number. If there are multiple stages per phase use: “phase-” + phase number + “s” + stage number. What’s most important is that you:

  1. Make sure all major phases (ex: Phase 1, Phase 2) are put in as “phase-1”, etc. If not, they will not appear as a top level phase in the detour page
  2. Make sure all variants (ex. {Phase 2, Stage 2 – Delaware Route 71 Closures) have an id that is unique on the page. No two anchor links should have the same id

Keep track of the links using notepad or refer to the Phases posts when you update the Interactive Map

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